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With great determination and hard work, Mr. Suwit Assavaniwej founded Sangchai Electric Ltd., Part. in 1976.  In the beginning, the company supplied all kinds of electrical appliances. In 1980, thanks to his experience, expertise and far-sighted vision, the company shifted its focus to air conditioning industry. Four years later, the name of the company was changed to SANGCHAI EQUIPMENT (1984) LTD., Part. During the period, the air conditioner industry registered a remarkable growth.  As a result, in an effort to increase its product lines, the company imported more products of good quality, including compressors, copper tubes, and other equipment related to air conditioning systems, from countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany. The objective was to capitalize on Thailand’s growing air conditioning industry and to raise its development to the level on a par with those of other well-developed countries.

The company achieved a great success in the air conditioning business.  Its products were popular and well received in terms of quality, price and service.   As a result, the company decided to expand into the refrigeration business by setting up an affiliated company named SANGCHAI REFRIGERATION CO., LTD. The new company focused on selling refrigeration equipment.  The company imported high quality and advanced technology products of different brands from several countries.  Since then, the company has registered a dramatic growth and become one of the leading operators in the country.

The company maintained its impressive growth.  In 2002, it established another affiliated company named SANGCHAI AIR QUALITY CO., LTD.  The establishment was mainly due to the confidence which a manufacturer of health care products in the United States had in the company. The new affiliate was appointed as an exclusive distributor for Honeywell Enviracaire Air and Blue air Purifier which was No. 1 choice of physicians and most popular among the consumers in worldwide. As a result, the company was confident that its customers would have the products of the highest quality possible for their health.

With the goal of the leader in integrated refrigeration and electrical equipment. In the middle of 2004, SANGCHAI GROUP addition to being product distributors, the Group decided to become a manufacturer by establishing a company named SANGCHAI PRECISION CO., LTD. which produced water dispenser and condensing unit for refrigeration systems. Later, in order to add more product lines and to meet the stronger market demand for various products related to electrical systems, the Group established another company named SANGCHAI EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. which focuses on distributing electrical equipment under the brand name of Siemens.

In 2006, The Group established another company named SCORP CO., LTD. for selling and distributing rotary compressor under the brand name of LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. In 2007 S.C.SOLUTION CO., LTD. In 2007 has been established to be the center point of customer service.