DANFOSS Gas detection unit, Series Basic+

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Product Manual : Gas detection unit, Data sheet

ModelConnection typeRefrigerantsSensorAdd to Cart
148H6046GDHFR404ASC 2000
148H6024GDAAmmoniaSC 1000
148H6015GDAAmmoniaEC 1000
148H6009GDAAmmoniaEC 300
148H6001GDAAmmoniaEC 100

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Buzzer & light

The Basic and Basic+ gas detection units are used for monitoring and warning of hazardous
gas concentrations.
They are intended to be connected to a central system like the Danfoss gas detection
controller, or a PLC, by either Analog or RS485 open Modbus communications. The central
system converts the alarm signal from the gas detection unit to activation of alarm devices.
The basic units have a factory default set-up with two (2) alarm set-points ready for use. The
integrated software enables the user to configure two individual alarm ranges. Alarm 1, a
pre-alarm indicating the gas level has passed a predefined threshold 1, and – if the gas level
passes predefined threshold 2 – the final alarm 2. Adjustment, calibration, and maintenance
are done via the dedicated Service tool or the PC tool
The basic units come with sensors for Ammonia and selected HFC’s. Depending on the
application, they are available with an electrochemical or a semiconductor sensor.
• Basic: Gas detection unit with one sensor
• Basic+: In addition to the Basic model, this unit Includes a buzzer & light function for
local alarm (visual and audio)