MILWAUKEE ดอกเจาะเหล็ก HSS-G






ModelSteel SizeTotal length (mm)Working length (mm)Add to Cart
49323523451.0x34 mm3418
49323523461.5x40 mm4024
49323523472.0x49 mm4924
49323523482.5x57 mm5730
49323523493.0x61 mm6133
49323523503.2x65 mm6536
49323523513.5x70 mm7039
49323523524.0x75 mm7543
49323523534.2x80 mm8047
49323523544.5x80 mm8047
49323523554.8x86 mm8652
49323523565.0x86 mm8652
49323523575.5x93 mm9357
49323523586.0x93 mm9357
49323523596.5x101 mm10163
49323523606.8x109 mm10969
49323523617.0x109 mm10969
49323523627.5x109 mm10969
49323523638.0x117 mm11775
49323523648.5x117 mm11775
49323523659.0x125 mm12581
49323523669.5x125 mm12581
493235236710.0x133 mm13387
493235236810.5x133 mm13387
493235236911.0x142 mm14294
493235237011.5x142 mm14294
493235237112.0x151 mm151101
493235237212.5x151 mm151101
493235237313.0x151 mm151101


การออกแบบ THUNDERWEB มีลักษณะเป็นใยรูปทรงกรวยซึ่งจะหนาขึ้นที่ด้านหลังของดอกสว่าน ดอกสว่านมาตรฐานมีความหนาคงที่ตลอดความยาว แม้ในจุดที่แคบที่สุด แกน THUNDERWEB ก็หนากว่าดอกสว่านมาตรฐาน


  • THUNDERWEB design is characterised by a conical shaped web which gets thicker towards the back of the drill bit. Standard drill bits have a constant thickness throughout their length. Even at the narrowest point the THUNDERWEB core is thicker than that of a standard drill bit.
  • Parabolic web cross section: Large web thickness. Strength built in.
  • Flute geometry – THUNDERWEB flute form ejects hot chips rapidly. Dissipates heat better increasing life time.
  • 135° Split point – Precision starting, drill bit won’t walk on material surface.
  • Polished finish reduces friction and extends drill bit life.
  • Impact resistant ABS case with added rubber corner protection.
  • Accepts higher feed pressure and torque equalling less breakages.