CAREL UltraCella รุ่น WB000*

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Product Manual : CAREL UltraCella Brochure WB000*


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The powerful platform allows to connect more sensors and loads than other standard solutions, and to handle them with optimized and advanced regulation algorithms, for the total control of cold room.

I/O configuration:

  • 6 output relays (compressor 2HP, defrost 2HP, evaporator fans 16A, light 16A and 2 auxiliary output relays 8A for additional features)
  • 5 analog inputs (3 x NTC / NTC HT / PT1000 + 1 x NTC / NTC HT / 0…10V + 1 x 4…20mA / 0…5Vrat)
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 2 built-in RS485 serial lines: – BMS: CAREL protocol (Slave) for supervisors – Fieldbus: Modbus protocol (Master) for the connection with EVD expansion module and/or with remote 3ph panels
  • Humidity reading and control by external CAREL humidifier
    UltraCella satisfies all the cold room user, in all the working phases: from installation to commissioning for installers, to daily use for end users.

In installation phase
Installers can take advantage of these new characteristics:

  • Track for DIN rail for fast wall mounting;
  • More GND terminals available for probes and sensors, and compressor, defrost and evaporator fans directly in voltage 230Vac relays and wide 7,5mm terminals;
  • 180° “book like” control opening;

In commissioning phase
Installers can reduce start-up time thanks to:

  • Configuration through wizard, available on pGD1 Service (optional);
  • Having only UltraCella, 10 preset different configurations are available, inside as standard, for main conservation rooms types;
  • Download/upload of configurations via USB port

In daily use
Interact with electronic control have never been so simple for end user thank to:

  • HACCP reports available through USB port in a easy to analyze csv file
  • Intuitive built-in HMI with big display and contextual indications

UltraCella is a modular platform. It’s easily expandable and upgradable with additional contents thanks to the new mechanical modular concept. The powerful electronic and mechanical innovative architecture allow to:

  • Seamless addition of features (add-on and remote)
  • Only one main controller able to manage all the upgrading features
  • Reduce stock management of our customers
  • Offer an “open” platform, ready for next features development

UltraCella is compliant with HACCP International for food safety

  • first instance in Italy in the family of electronic devices for refrigeration equipment
  • as statement of its suitability to ensure quality of preserved food.