EMERSON คอนเดนซิ่งยูนิต ZX Nextgen Series


EMERSON คอนเดนซิ่งยูนิต ZX Nextgen Series






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ModelApplicationHorsepower (HP)Add to Cart
ZXD030BEMedium Temperature3
ZXD040BEMedium Temperature4
ZXD050BEMedium Temperature5
ZXD060BEMedium Temperature6
ZXD075BEMedium Temperature7.5
ZXD076BEMedium Temperature7.6
ZXD090BEMedium Temperature9
ZXD160BEMedium Temperature16
ZXD200BEMedium Temperature20
ZX020BEMedium Temperature2
ZX030BEMedium Temperature3
ZX040BEMedium Temperature4
ZX050BEMedium Temperature5
ZX060BEMedium Temperature6
ZX075BEMedium Temperature7.5
ZX076BEMedium Temperature7.6
ZXL020BELow Temperature2
ZXL025BELow Temperature2.5
ZXL030BELow Temperature3
ZXL040BELow Temperature4
ZXL050BELow Temperature4
ZXL060BELow Temperature6
ZXL075BELow Temperature7.5

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Power Source

380/420V ; 50Hz ,3Phase

Compressor Type

Copeland Scroll Digital™, Copeland Scroll™ Fixed Speed


Low Temperature, Medium Temperature

ZX Platform Condensing Unit was designed based on three factors demanded by industry users

Intelligent Store Solutions

A most innovative approach to enterprise facility management, Emerson’s Intelligent Store™ architecture integrates hardware and services to provide retailers a single view into their entire network of facilities and understanding what facilities actually cost to operate and maintain. The Intelligent Store architecture transforms data from store equipment and controls into actionable insights. Designed to deliver value in both new and existing stores, Emerson aims to help retailers:

  • Make better decisions on resources investment for maximum impact
  • Receive accurate feedback and service customized to meet your specific needs
  • Reduce operational costs and boost the profitability

Energy Efficiency

Utilizing Copeland Scroll™ compressor technology, variable speed fan motor, large capacity condenser coil and advanced control algorithms, energy consumption is significantly reduced. End-users can save more than 20% on annual energy costs compared to using hermetic reciprocating units.


Combining the proven reliability of Copeland Scroll compressors with advanced electronics controller and diagnostics, equipment reliability is greatly enhanced. Fault code alerts and fault code retrieval capabilities provide information to help improve speed and accuracy of system diagnostics. Integrated electronics provide protection against over-current, overheating, incorrect phase rotation, compressor cycling, high pressure resets and low pressure cut-outs. It can also send out a warning message to the operator when there is liquid floodback, which can prevent critical damage to the unit.