DANFOSS Gas detection unit, Series Premium Remote

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Product Manual : Gas detection unit, Data sheet

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148H6005EC 100
148H6019EC 1000
148H6029EC 5000
148H6034SC 10000

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Premium Remote

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Display, Remote sensor 5 m (16.4 ft.) cable

Premium Remote is applicable for vent line applications for the
continuous monitoring of refrigeration system relief valves.

The Premium range of gas detection units are used for monitoring and warning of
hazardous gas concentrations. They can be used for detecting most commonly used
They are intended as stand-alone or connected to a central system like the Danfoss
gas detection controller or a PLC. As stand-alone, the on-board relays can be used for
activation of alarm devices, while the analog or RS485 Modbus connection to a central
system allows centralized monitoring and alarm activation. Four out of the six Premium
variants have integrated display/keypad for direct access to the user-interface. This means
that alarm level adjustments, calibration and parameter adjustments can be made directly
on the menu in the display. For models without display (Premium & Premium+) the
interface is via the dedicated Service or PC tool.
The Premium gas detection units have a factory default setup with two (2) alarm setpoints ready for use. The user-interface enables the user to configure two individual alarm
settings. Alarm 1, a pre-alarm indicating the gas level has passed a predefined threshold
1 and – if the gas level passes predefined threshold 2 – the final alarm 2. A total of four (4)
alarm set-points on each gas detection unit is possible.
The Premium variants come with sensors for Ammonia, CO2 and selected HFC’s.
Depending on the application and model, each unit is available with one or two different
sensors (Premium Duplex). Sensor technologies include semiconductor, electrochemical,
Pellistor or infrared.