TGD กระจกฉนวน รุ่น E-Cut Mirabilia® – Pro Vision


TGD กระจกฉนวน รุ่น E-Cut Mirabilia® – Pro Vision


Product Data Sheet: E-Cut Mirabilia®– Pro Vision

Additional information


Medium Temperature

Available colours

RAL 7035 or RAL 9004

“E-Cut Mirabilia®” is the new TGD glazed insert designed for the top-end segment of industrial refrigeration, aiming at the most ambitious and innovative retail sector.
Pro-Vision is the version with the door exceeding the supporting frame at the top, giving a revolutionary, fully transparent look.

Frame features

  • Frame kit made of transoms only
  • Available colours: RAL 7035 or RAL 9004
  • Modular concept: frames can be alternated according to any possible lay-out of the display units
  • “Easy Fitting” concept: quick and easy installation of the pre-assembled frames
  • Energy free frame, «0» maintenance
  • Self-closing devices pre-assembled in the bottom transom: “Soft Power 25” or “G Torque”
  • Frame mullion for led fitting available on demand